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October 21, 2013
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RQ: Napoleon Shin by Jesi-Jess RQ: Napoleon Shin by Jesi-Jess

If you wish to roleplay with this character, do one of the following: Comment, Note Me, Or ask for my Skype! (Best way to roleplay atm would be Skype)

Totally revamped this guys and now he is in a sexy suit that isn't purple, pink, and brown. :iconheplz:

MEET THE LATE BLOOMER IN RQ~~~ :iconlaughsplz:


//Prepares body for all the crack ships// :iconheblushplz: //bricked//


Napoleon Dynamite Shin
Prince, Leon, Napo-chan
Age: 22
DOB: May 30
Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese
Japaense (1st Langauge)

+Soft and interesting hair! :iconfliphairplz:
Best Features:
+Soothing Voice
+Able to play the Cello, Violin,  and many other string instruments~

Hieght/Weight: 6'2" ft / 212 lbs
Hair color: Orignally Black, Dyes the bottom White. :iconming3plz:


Used to be Occupation: Part time jobs as Auto Shop Mechanic and Waiter. No! He really was a Butler! //rolled of cliff
Your Group Members:
Alignment: White
Points: TBA

-A Prince~ :icontamakiplz:
-Can be a bit of a tease
-Goodself control/Mannered

Napoleon comes as just as a prince from a fairy tale, strong, smart, sweet, and perfect. He always has a sophisitcated feel about him. Never seeming to trip and mess up. Though it may seem he tries to be perfect, honestly the young man get's rather embarressed if he messes up is all. Even though many call him a prince, he would more prefer butler :iconherplz:. But their arm so many reasons Napoleon is a prince in manys eyes, he always tries to be sweet to everyone around him. Keeping a smile on his face and hoping to spread it around. And knowing how to help people may it be advice or just with a daily need.

Though Napoleon can't help but be a flirt at times, complimenting the beautiful ladies (though just because he flirts with you doesn't mean he likes you :iconpapmingplz: //shot). He really likes to treat girls and let them know they are beautiful.  But sometimes he can be quite the tease, making girls blush or simply just having back and fourth word play if nothing else.

Napoleon makes sure to never go overboard with anyone, doing his best to keep his manners and emotions in check. Though when it comes down to it... Napoleon likes to remind people he isn' a prince, just a good guy hoping to live a happy life. No one is perfect.

+Messing with musical equipment
+Computers "It's not a addiction :iconohdearplz:"
+Them hips :icondatassplz: Totally Babu's fualt //shot
+Wrapping himself up in a blanket with a heater during cold spells
+Afternoon Naps
+Ball Dancing "Come Dance with me~ :iconimbishieplz:"
+Writing Music/Doing Covers/Duets (Be it Guy or Gal)
+Metting New People "OvO~~ Nice to meet you!"
+Hanging out with his friends (Or his bros- //bricked)
-Birds (They don't like him either :icontrollfaceplz: )
-Stalkers "Don't even ask :iconfacepalmplz:"
-Fatty Food "I won't be tempted to eat that +v+;; Unless it's ice cream >7>;"
-Being woken up rudely (it's the rare moment you can see him be grouchy!)
-Rude people in general "I will kill you with kindness~ dOvOb"
-People trying to force themselves upon him. "No please. No! :iconamgplz:"
-Jail bait "Just because I look seventeen doesn't mean I will risk going to prison for you. = v= //pats your head/"
He has a computer addiction, or more so a tumblr addiction. He likes to reblog a lot. But it's also the one place where he doesn't have to scream perfect because no one knows his name.

Tends to be a prince to everyone, no matter their age or gender. Even though he is straight. He will be so sweet with sparkles all around~ :iconsparklesplz:

When he takes his jacket off, he'll usually tuck his tie into his vest.

-The Piano "Nope. Can't do it. To sad. :iconsnapeleavesplz:" he can play but- //bricked
-Rapping, really can you even picture him doing that? :iconwthewwplz:
-When he is suppose to frown to something, he might just make a blank face instead "What is this frowning you speak of? '-' " Doesn't mean he can't. Just not everything will bring a frown.

Singing Style/Genre:
Napoleon likes to sing happy up-beat songs, if they are slow, most likely the song is a romantic song. It is very very rare to hear him sing or play something that is sad. He only has a few songs that are sad and of his own writing, and they are locked up and hidden~ He will take a request though to do something emotional if the person that ask shows a strong reason why.

JPop | KPop | Electronica | Alternative | Anime | Classical |

"I would love to see a smile on that face if you don't mind~" Smiles too.

"You have a friend here if you ever want to hang out!" Pats head cause he's too tall for hugs!//shot.

"I will be the anchor if you so need me to be. I am not afraid to take on the burdens this world has laid before us with a smile." Hold out his hand.

Napoleon was born into a rather poor family at the start to believe it or not. He was a older brother to three younger sisiters, a son of a stay at home mom, and a father that was struggling with his own buisness franchise. The first years of his life were alway busy. Having to go place to place for the sake of his fathers job, while his mother was having a baby after another. Though it was not like this was a sad family. No. It was a rather calm and happy family, beside the occasional fight between the girls as they grew.

Napoleon was raised to be a proper child, not to yell, throw tantrums, or be mean to others, but be level-headed and smart with his descions in life. Along with be strong to protect those he loved. Napoleon learned a lot from his father as he was growing up. Though his sisters had more freedom then he did. Napoleon never minded it, he liked when his sisters and mother would be so impressed with him by how he simply never tripped or spilt a glass, how he knew exactly how to stop the girls from fighting with one another, be it threw turning things into compliments or simply rezolving it there his words. And how quickly he picked up the forgien languages his father taught him incase of having to move to another country. Napoleon was surely a diamond in the world of ruffens, as his mother would say.

At the age of ten, Napoleons happy little family finally settled as his father's business boomed, becoming a succesful franchise that started to grow to even other countries with out them needed to move there. The family moved into a comfortable house and Napoleon finally went to a school he knew would last longer then three months. And with that Napoleon began to take on hobbies, discovering a love that little did he know would last a life time. it was the beauty of making music. Thanks to a girl in his class for recommending him, Napoleon joined every musical related thing he could: Choir, Band, musical history. He took a deep love for it, and a quick handed passion at learning whatever worked with his fingers. Simply never getting enough of when he would learn a new note or rhythm. He liked playing the Cello the most, loving it's deep sound. But didn't make it his only instrument. The family was simply so proud seeing the way their only son could make such beautiful melodies be it how ever he decieded to do so. And it was like this for many years. Up until Napoleon was sixteen.

His father was in need of starting to train his sucessor, and of course it was meant to be not only the first born, but the only son. Napoleon's father demaned he drop his childish habits and become a man ready to face the world. Napoleon refused saying he could be just as successful as his father with muisc. If not better. And this lit a rather harsh fuse between the two, his father looking to one of the daughters instead as Napoleon continued his pursue for music. Though now he was restrained from playng at home unless his mother asked him too.

Due to all this, Napoleons musical practice was nearly wiped off his schedule. Even when he would try to stay at school and play in one of the music rooms, many would bother him and want to "play along" or "get to know him better." Many of the students being persistant with him, many would even make him date them or so on. Though really Napoleon was simply too nice to say no. It was a hard struggle dealing with the last years of High School. But Napoleon never let that smile leave his face.

Upon gradutation as the age of eighteen, Napoleon figured it would be best to leave his home and go move into his own place. Getting a job and working towards his musical carrier. His father was hoping Napoleon's eyes would change direction after so long. But both his parents knew where his heart was and let him leave. His family wishing him the best of luck and promised if he need a home. They would always be here.

It was hard, but Napoleon took on two jobs, got a nice and comfortable apartment for him. And began his goal. During the weeks he would work at a auto shop, taking in some of the thing his fatehr taught him and learning more to work on cars. This was bringing in much of the income. But on the weekends, the auto shop was closed, so he would work at a Maid and Butler Cafe downtown, they would let him sing on Saturdays and he made plenty of tips to keep him with plenty of cash to spare. And with that he turned one of this apartment rooms into a  mini studio. On his rare days off or his he wasn't too tired from working, Napoleon would do many covers and post them to two sites, His Main Site and Youtube. Over time slowly discovering Tumblr and using it as his little escape when he needed to relax. It would a, once again, busy life for Napoleon. But he loved every moment of it. It seemed inspartion never stopped. It was also helping that on the internet, his popularity was growing fast. People would spread his covers all over, request songs, beg for pictures, and send plenty fan mail. And because of this, Napoleon unexpectidly caught the eye of a certian young woman that just opened a rising star buisness for people just like him. And even with his age now being twenty two. Napoleon reviced a green envelope in the mail, it was everything he had been waiting for.

He didn't waist a minute finding his own place near the RQ (As he requested to be in his own apartment), saying good bye to his main co-workers and friends. And went on to make his dream a reality. And now here he is! Hoping that he meet people that will change his life for the best.


Additional Facts:
-Often tends to take calls from his family, and will apologize and tell whom ever he is with it is a important call. No matter what the situation be.
-Supposingly he can be a bit lazy for the strong happy young man he is. But it has to be cold for that~ "My limbs are freezing, can't move, must sleep =7= zzz"
-He can be a bit picky on whom he actually opens with on personal life matters. He doesn't mind telling simple facts. But say he was going threw a hard time. Napoleon probablly just keep it to himself :iconsulkplz:.
-He has a pet tropical fish aquariam in his apartment. Oh yeah and he lives in his own apartment near RQ all by himself HAHA. But if someone needs a place to stay, there is more then one bedroom! "If you decided to move in with me, you'll have to help with rent. :iconokie2plz:" //bricked
-His cell is- //mouth taped by Napo// "If you want my cell phone. Please ask first and we can talk about it. ;;;"
-Can be a bit touchy about who he gives his personal contact information to due to back in his school, he gave one girl his cell number and it ended up in all the schools hands. Not to mention his adress among other things.... "Stalkers... :iconfacewallplz:"
-His Father named him the name of his favorite character in a movie. Why it is so... "Not Japanese >v>"


If you wish to be involed in this characters history, ask and maybe we can work something out.

Napolen (c) =Jesi-Jess
:iconroyal-quartet: (c) :iconryuube:
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akiraxdee Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sawa: H-Hi, i'm a member of the spades group and i was wondering if i could be one of your mini group member???
Jesi-Jess Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Napoleon: "Oh my, no one has asked me that yet~ And it would be rude to reject a princess!" He leans forward and gentle takes her hand, pressing his lips lightly against for only a second before standing back up straight and smiling sweet to her, "I'd love to if you'd be willing to take me princess~ :iconsparklesplz:"
akiraxdee Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sawa: She blushes and thinks to herself, "Wow, he's such a kind and ridiculously good-looking gentleman. "Y-Y-Yes, I would be willing to be your group member." //flails. "Hope we get to know each other!". She returns a sweet smile back at him, looking into his gentle eyes.
Jesi-Jess Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Napoleon: chuckled and nods, "Let us make the best of this group, huh? Princess Sawa."
akiraxdee Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sawa: She nods. "Mm, lets". Sawa smiles at him.
Jesi-Jess Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I left the group :iconpapmingplz: sorry!
akiraxdee Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Jesi-Jess Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course we can :iconyuinodplz: 

Maybe we will be in another group together one :icongaywinkplz: or are we already? :iconzoominplz: //shot
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skypuru Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jesi-Jess Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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