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TPC: Li Seto Miao by Jesi-Jess TPC: Li Seto Miao by Jesi-Jess

I'll need to reshade this one day but for now :iconwind-plz:... Enjoy my shy looser.

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Li Seto Miao
Nicknames: Sometimes goes by Seto
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 128
Birthday: March 24th

Relationship Status: Single Jk he’s 13r-e's
Orientation: Pansexual

Personality: Bashful Nature
-0 Self Confidence
-Slightly Mischievous

Li is certainly an odd fellow, he has a hard time being open with people and often just hides himself in most situations. That doesn't mean Li is unsociable, the banette would really love to be all over people. He’s just honestly a shy little guy that doesn't know how to communicate well, feeling he makes situations awkward his eyes. Because Li thinks this way, he tends to see poorly in himself, scared to actually open up and show who he really is. Gu things he’ll be alone forever haha.
But if you can get past the shyness, Li’s actually just a really big dork that wants to make his friends smile and laugh. Trying to play jokes even though he is horrible at them and would go out his way to make a friend feel better. Though he will still get red faced given certain situations.

+Joke/Trick Toys
+Video Games (some are scary omg)
+Horror Stories (Surprising eh?)
+Cold Weather/snow
-Himself (//snorts)
-Angry/Harsh People (He doesn't know how to handle them)
-When he can’t hide/runaway
-Getting his toys taken away
-When someone doesn't laugh at his joke/trick

Practical Jokes - He likes to play stupid jokes/tricks on people, or attempt too even though he’s horrible at it.
Baking - He seems to always have a sweet tooth so he tends to make himself lots of sweets, he’s pretty good at it too. It’s amazing he’s not fat…
Video Games - He actually enjoys play games from time to time, mainly ones that are only one player. (If they are two-player only, he just sits there and cries because he is too shy to ask anyone //laughs//)


Li grew up in a rather simple home, being the middle child of his adopted family, his parents unable to have their own. He had an older brother and younger sister, that he both loved very much along with his parents; even though none of them were really related, they were his family. Due to them living so far in the middle of the woods, Li and his siblings were home-schooled by their parents up until he was twelve when his father got a job that let them move to the city. All the siblings getting excited because they would finally get to meet other people. Upon moving to Lumoise City, things were already looking up for the entire family, the kids were doing well in school, their father having a much better paying job now gave them more to do things together. Everything was great, except for Li.
Li had entered Middle School alone as his sister was in elementary and brother working his own job. So for the first time, he was alone with no one he knew, he had a hard time talking to the teachers and students alike, constantly trying to hide or run away. Eventually though Li made one friend, a nice girl in his class that was very patient with him; he enjoyed listening to her babble about her favorite things or what she saw on TV. Eventually he started to open up to her, showing how much of a dork he was and always making her smile, he especially loved hearing her silly laugh. Though one day a trick went terribly wrong, and next thing Li knew, he was on his back in the middle of the class and his pants had fallen down to his ankles before he fell. Everyone was laughing at him while his friend looked at him shocked. Li turned red and teary eyed as he pulled his pants up and dart into the shadows, running home and not wanting to return to school.
After a long and hard talk with his parents, Li returned to school, but he didn't really talk to anyone cause most they time they just started laughing at him due to what happened. He couldn't even face his friend.
After going from middle school to high school, people forgot about what had happen and went on doing their own thing. Li on the other hand still couldn't find himself to talk to anyone, and to top it off he was rather short so most people didn't even notice him. Due to the amount of free time he had and video games only going so far. Li looked into other things he could do to pass the time, and that’s when it happened, wandering the city streets after school Li found himself in front of a joke shop. Just looking from the window his eyes were full of sparkles, there was so much in there, so many toys and gadgets he could use and spend hours playing with. It didn't take him long to end up spending all the money he had on things, gadgets, joke books, and so on. Running straight home with his hands full. The following days he simply spent his time messing with all his new toys and pulling simple and mindless pranks on his family, or telling silly jokes that was amusing them all. It was just so much fun, but something inside Li told him it wasn't enough. He wanted to hear laughter from everyone, though he couldn't even imagine approaching someone at school, not after what happened. So in the late hours of the night, that’s when he came up with the perfect plan.
It wasn't long after that slowly, simple pranks started happening throughout the school, it was nothing harmful, dangerous, or mean. They were always light heart'd and made even the staff laugh. Every day there was one or two pranks, no one knowing who did it but it was enjoyable none the less. This quickly becoming a routine for people to wonder what would happen next and a topic of who was even doing it? Of course no one would have ever guessed it was Li, who simply stayed in the shadows and finally had a smile again.
Li never stopped, watching from the sidelines as the people in his school always went a day with a smile on their face or good laugh. His heart felt like it was whole again, especially hearing the one laugh he wanted to after so long, his old middle school friend. Everyone was so sure the trickster would reveal themselves eventually, but Li never did, graduating and leaving behind a mysterious legend left open for someone else to take on.
After graduation Li felt himself at a lost, he never really had normal talents, so he wasn't sure where to go from there. If he should just integrate into working a normal job like the rest of the world or try to stick with what he was good at. And that’s when he ended up walking back to this joke shop that started it all, and it had a “Help Wanted” sign sitting in the window. It didn't even take him a moment to go in and apply.

And that’s where Li’s been ever since.

Species: #354 Banette Banette sprite by BAKALAVA
Ability: Cursed Body - The wielder has 30% chance to disable any move that hits it.
:iconghosttypeplz:Shadow Sneak - User Attacks first
:iconghosttypeplz:Shadow Ball - May lower opponent's Special Defense.
:iconghosttypeplz:Shadow Claw - High critical hit ratio.
:bulletpink:Trick - Swaps held items with opponent.

-Li has glasses he should wear but doesn’t, so he bumps into things a lot.
-When he gets to nervous, he’ll just sink into the shadows to avoid everyone or pulls himself in his jacket to hide.
-Li only sleeps 2-3 hours a day, normally around the afternoon. Sometimes he goes a few days without sleeping though it doesn’t bother him. He’s mostly active at night.
-Even though he is shy, underneath he’s really just a dork.
-Secretly wants to be cuddled yep.
-He sleeps all natural~ (If you couldn't tell from the app)

Father - Jian Fu Miao (#477 Dusknoir Dusknoir Sprite by BAKALAVA - 58): A strong and happy man with a bold nature that Li looks up to him and wishes he could be like his father. In short he admires his father very much.
Mother Manami Miao (#593 Jellicent Jellicent Sprite Female by ZeBollocks- 55): A calm and quiet woman that tends to be shy in large crowds, having a gentle nature, Li is very protective of his mother and alway tries to make her laugh and smile. Don’t talk about his momma or he might actually try to hurt you.
Brother Hibiki Fu Miao (#623 Golurk Golurk sprite by BAKALAVA- 29): A rather outgoing and honest guy with a Brave Nature, Li has always been envious of his older brother due to the fact he feels his older brother looks better, is cooler, and is popular hah.
Sister - Nuo Emi Miao (#592 Frillish Frillish sprite by Dandrade- 17): A sweet and caring girl that is a bit clumsy with a modest nature, who has a dorky side much like Li, Li simply adores her.
More to come!

Starting to notice that all the ginka's I upload are adopted or something when I have all my ones with actually blood relatives hidden away somewhere. Whoopsssss.

Blank App: The Poke Connection: APPLICATION by ShadowDarkHeart2
Characters + Art (c) Jesi-Jess
Picture From:…
App Art:
in :iconthe-poke-connection:

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